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Super Armor

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  • Usually, there are monsters with Super Armor (SA) state in dungeon. SA monsters can be noticed with a SA bar under their HP bar, and when receiving player's attacks, they got no hit-stuns. Their designs are also different from normal monsters (size, colour, shape, etc...). This yellow-colored bar appears underneath the monster's HP bar.
    • Every dungeon boss, to date, possesses SA. Simply, it acts as a defense buff and absorbs a percentage of player's skills' damage. Take this out and your skills/attacks do 100% damage to the boss.
    • Monsters with SA are noticeably stronger than their regular kin and minions. All such monsters, such as the fat-bellied "tubbies" in Dreadful Echo, possess greater stats and require more effort to defeat. At early levels, especially to leveling players, they can be a real threat if not taken down quickly.
  • Player can break SA with basic attacks and skills. Each character has their own SA break rate at skills and basic attacks, shown in the skills info. Any skill or attack hitting monsters will reduce their SA bar. Upon draining this to 0, the monster will appear stunned: the Super Armor Break. "Super Armor Break" also appears on the SA bar during the stun.
  • Once SA is broken, player has about eight seconds before SA restores itself to 100%. This window is generally a good time to keep one or two powerful skills in reserve, especially if speedrunning.
    • In Super Armor Break animation, bosses like One-Eyed Jack in Tower of Greed will visibly sag or appear stunned. This is among the best chances to hit hard with any combination of skills.
    • To keep in mind, each monster held their own amount of SA bar. It depends on monster's level and base stats. Accordingly, the player must come equipped sufficiently both to survive the monster's attacks and drain the SA bar.
  • At present, Stella Unibell is considered to have highest Super Armor Break rate in game. That said, every character can break SA if played well.
  • SA break is a stat line found on many equipment, though playerbase opinion is that it is not worth building for since crit damage achieves the same effect as well as better ROI. Certain skills like Erwin Arclight's Napalm Bomb and Haru Estia's Power Slash come with strong SA values. Recommendation is players take advantage of these moves if want to break enemy SA quicker.
  • Player could increase SA break rate by simply leveling skills, or using consumable items, socketing equipment, etc...
  • Active Akashic cards such as Junk Knight, since inflict damage, can also be used to damage boss's SA. However, given the long CD and generally mediocre damage, typically it's more efficient to use skills.

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