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Super Armor

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  • Usually, there are monsters with Super Armor (SA) state in dungeon. SA monsters can be noticed with a SA bar under their HP bar, and when receiving player's attacks, they got no hit-stuns. Their designs are also different from normal monsters (size, colour, shape, etc...).
    • Bosses always appear with SA so far.
    • Monsters with SA are stronger than normal ones, which got boosted in stats and maybe few simple skills. At early levels they can deal serious damages.
  • Player can break SA with basic attacks and skills. Each character has their own SA break rate at skills and basic attacks, shown at the skills info. By hitting monsters with any methods, their SA bars drop, upon reaching 0, they happen to be dazzled, consider as Super Armor Break.
    • In Super Armor Break time, some will receive hit-stuns normally, some will stand still (dazzle). In any cases, it's a good chance to deal damages with your combos and stuffs.
    • To keep in mind, each monster held their own amount of SA bar.
  • At this moment, Stella Unibell is considered to have highest Super Armor Break rate in game.
  • Player could increase SA break rate by simply leveling skills, or using consumable items, socketing equipment, etc...

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