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Ch-2.png Different organisms form from the debris left behind by the tornado. Agile and quick, creatures resembling insects or machines that are capable of moving faster than a car. A building that had been reduced to rubble and asphalt was now a monstrosity that walked on two legs. All of these creatures had savage physical strength. Without a weapon that could repel this invasion, the best humanity could do was flee. Tornado did not limit itself to simply creatures, it exerted itself to create a more severe form of life. On being seen, it closely resembles a human and speaks in a manner similar to the human language. It has a horned head and a strong body. Its appearance resembles that of a devil come alive. In the beginning, they did not attack humans. Gradually however, attacks against mankind increased. Against this devil and its multitudes of monsters, humanity was like a whisper on the breeze, its very existence, driven to the edge of extinction. In the 15 years after the disaster, tornadoes of various sizes have appeared in various places, and each time, different monsters and a devil appear. Their numbers are always on the rise and continue to increase. Cities where coalition forces lie in wait with state-of-the art weaponry are few. Not even a remaining handful are left. What remains of humanity living amidst the destruction listen to the radio intently. The residents of this star would make a choice, to die as a human, or live as a new type of organism, a creation closer to that of the devil.



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