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Characters in Soul Worker have a variety of stats that directly influence their combat capabilities. Most stats can be viewed by accessing the status window (default: P key or by clicking the status button at the bottom right of the screen). Every Character has base values for each stat that may or may not increase with level. Bonus stats can be acquired through multiple means such as equipment, socketables, A.R. Cards and titles. Stats that are receiving bonuses are colored green in the status window.

The status window in Soul Worker

Offensive Stats

These Stats directly influence the damage output of a character. For more on how damage is calculated see the article on Damage Caculation.


The attack stat directly affects the damage and SA destruction dealt on every normal and critical hit by a characters actions including basic attacks and all skills. Every character has a base attack that increases with each level up and can be further increased by weapons, accessories, socketables, A.R. Cards and skills . The equipped weapon is generally the major source of a character's attack. During damage/SA break calculations there is a component of variance attached to the attack stat, where the value used is randomly selected from between the minimum attack value(equivalent to 80% of the character's attack) and maximum attack value(equivalent to 100% of the character's attack).

Critical Rate

The critical rate stat directly influences the chance for a character to land a critical strike on the target. The status window displays only the bonus critical rate possessed by the character. Therefore a character with 0% critical rate on the status window would in effect have a critical rate of 25%. Critical rate can be increased through equipment, titles, A.R. Cards and skills.

Critical Damage

The critical damage stat directly increases the additional damage and SA destruction dealt on critical strikes. The final value of the critical strike stat is obtained by adding 80% of attack (or the minimum attack value displayed on the status page) and the bonus critical damage from other sources such as equipment, A.R. Cards,brooches, familiars and skills.

Attack Speed

The attack speed stat affects the speed at which skill and attack animations are carried out. Therefore, this stat directly increases the damage/SA destruction per second of basic attacks and certain skills that have a fixed duration with an attacks per second factor such as Soul Launcher. For other spells it simply reduces the cast time by hastening the animations. This may be considered bad in some cases such as the case of most ultimate skills where the invulnerability period would be shortened. Every character has a base attack speed of 100% and may gain more through equipment,A.R. Cards,titles and skills.


Accuracy affects the chance to land successful hits on a unit. Increasing accuracy reduces the chance of an attack to be evaded by the target. Attacks that are evaded deal reduced damage to the target. Accuracy may be gained through equipment,A.R. Cards,Familiars and skills.

Evaded Attack Damage

Fraction of the total damage dealt when an attack is evaded. Can be increased through equipment.


Defense penetration allows you a ignore an amount of damage reduction that the target has. It can be increased through equipment,brooches,titles and skills.

Defensive Stats

The stats are responsible for boosting the survivability of a character. For info on how damage reductions works see Damage Calcuation.

Hit Points

Generally abbreviated as HP, Hit Points determine the total amount of damage, after reductions, a character can take. Once a character suffers damage that would result in their hit points reaching or going below 0 they are incapacitated. Every character has a base pool of HP and can gain more from equipment, A.R. Cards and socketables.


Damage reduction vs Defense at level 55

Defense determines the fraction of damage from enemy attacks received that is ignored. A higher defense value corresponds to more %damage reduction. The % damage reduction is directly dependent on the enemy's level. % damage reduction for the same defense value reduces as enemy level increases. See the chart for the relation between defense and same level damage reduction at lv 55. Defense can be gained from armor, accessories, A.R. Cards, titles, socketables and certain skills.


Damage Reduction

Has a similar effect as defense but unaffected by enemy levels. It may be general or vs certain types of units(General Mobs/Bosses) or vs certain factions (Puppet, Primal etc). Damage reduction can be obtained from armor, Titles, accessories, Brooches or skills.

Critical Resistance

Critical resistance reduces the % chance of getting hit by a critical strike. It can be gained from armor, accessories and A.R. Cards.

Status Resistance

Status resistance against a particular effect reduces the % chance of it affecting the character. There is currently no way to obtain these stats.


Evasion directly affects the chance of a received attack missing. Greater evasion means a greater likelihood of attacks against the character missing. An attack that misses deals reduced damage. Evasion can be gained from armor, accessories, A.R cards, titles and certain skills.

Utility Stats

These stats do not directly influence damage output or survivability, but are important nevertheless

Movement Speed

Movement speeds affects the rate at which the character covers distance while dashing/walking. The base movement speed for all characters is 100%. This can be increased through armor, A.R Cards, titles, brooches and certain skills.


Stamina is a resource used to perform actions such as dodge, special dodge, rising attack and rising roll. The stamina pool may be increased through accessories and titles.

Stamina Recovery

The amount of stamina regenerated every second by the character. Can by increased by leveling up the stamina mastery skill.

Cooldown Reduction

Cooldown reduction reduces the cooldown of all skills by a % value. This can be gained through equipment, accessories and A.R. Cards.

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