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Soul Launcher

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E1-13.png Soul Launcher [Active] By turning guns into grenade launchers, fire a barrage of artillery up to 10 meters. Hit enemies will be pushed back.

Skill Information:

On cast, after a brief windup animation Erwin repeatedly bombards a point 10m in the direction of the reticle dealing high damage and SA destruction to units in an AoE for a fixed duration. Additionally, constant gunfire pushes away all units in front while dealing low damage and SA destruction.

Skill Level Required Level Required SP Damage SA Destruction SG Cost Cooldown
1 42 1 1943% 1882% 5 45 Seconds
2 45 1 2040% 1976%
3 48 2 2283% 2211%
4 51 2 2525% 2447%
5 54 3 2914% 2823%

Additional Information:

  • The Rate at which the volleys are fired is affected by attack speed modifiers such as bonus attack speed from equipment, Awakening, etc.
  • Erwin is invulnerable while firing. However, he is still vulnerable to damage during the brief windup.
  • Targets within approximately 4m take very low damage as they are not hit by the explosions. However, normal units are pushed into the high damage zone. Boss/Mini-Boss type units are not affected by the push.
  • The push effect does not knock units out of the spell's range.

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