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Sky High

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E1-1.png Sky High [Active] Kick the enemies ahead of you, launching them to the air.

Skill Information:

On cast Erwin moves a short distance forward knocking enemies in a small area in front of and around him airborne.

Skill Level Required Level Required SP Damage SA Destruction SG Cost Cooldown
1 - - 117% 156% 1 5 Seconds
2 4 1 123% 163%
3 7 2 137% 183%
4 10 2 152% 202%
5 13 3 175% 233%


E1-1A.png Impact Bullets [Extension] Shoot a powerful energy bullet that attacks the enemies in front.

Skill Level Required Level Required SP Damage SA Destruction
1 13 1 140% 186%

E1-1B.png Aerial Shots [Extension] Shoot continuously at enemies knocked into the air.
Extension Information:
After Sky high's animation ends Erwin takes up a firing stance. Pressing and holding the Basic Attack Button(default: LMB) fires a continuous stream of attacks dealing damage and SA destruction in a area in front of Erwin for a fixed duration based on the rank of Aerial Shots. At the end of the duration or on release of the Basic Attack button or if the Basic Attack button is not pressed for 3 seconds Erwin fires a final attack that does increased damage.

Skill Level Required Level Required SP Damage per attack SA Destruction per attack Maximum Attack Duration Base Attack Speed Final Attack Damage Final Attack SA Destruction
1 13 1 35% 45% 0.55 Seconds 9.1 shots/sec 88% 112%
2 18 1 35% 45% 1.10 Seconds
3 23 2 43% 68% 1.65 Seconds

Additional Information

  • The Attack speed scales with bonus attack speed gained from Weapons, Gear and Erosion/Awakening.
  • Despite the name 'Aerial Shots' and the in-game skill description, the skill is capable of hitting targets on the ground.
  • The skill can be cancelled early by using dodge while firing. Stopping the skill in this manner results in the final attack not being fired.
  • Sky high with Aerial Shots lvl 3 deals a total of 908% damage and 1365% SA destruction with no attack speed bonus.

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