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Napalm Bomb

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E1-10.png Napalm Bomb [Active] Fire many grenades by converting the guns into a grenade launcher in the air, dealing damage over a large area.

Skill Information:

On cast Erwin fires multiple projectiles in the direction the player's camera is facing that deal damage and SA destruction and apply a burn effect to all units in a diamond shaped area a fixed distance away.

Skill Level Required Level Required SP Damage SA Destruction Debuff Effect Debuff Duration SG Cost Cooldown
1 21 1 154% 1882% [Burn](-1% HP per second) 3 Seconds 4 20 Seconds
2 26 1 162% 1976%
3 31 2 181% 2211%
4 36 2 200% 2447%
5 41 3 231% 2823%

Additional Information:

  • This is an aerial skill and hence may be used only while in the air.
  • Boss and Mini-Boss type units are not affected by the burn.

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