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Hide & Seek

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E1-12.png Hide & Seek [Active] Charge up a barrier, while charging you are invincible. After the barrier actives, you will gain Super Armor and all damage will be avoided.

Skill Information:

On Cast Erwin deals damage and SA destruction to all units while knocking enemies away and channels for one second during which he is invincible to gain a fixed duration buff that grants him 100% evasion and Super Armor.

Skill Level Required Level Required SP Damage SA Destruction Buff Effect Barrier Effect Barrier Duration SG Cost Cooldown
1 34 1 100% 100% Invincibility for 1 Second Super Armor & Complete Evasion 10 Seconds 5 60 Seconds
2 39 1 11 Seconds 55 Seconds
3 44 2 13 Seconds 4
4 49 2 15 Seconds 45 Seconds
5 54 3 20 Seconds 3 35 Seconds

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