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Guided Shot

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E1-8.png Guided Shot [Active] Convert the guns into a sniper rifle, shooting a powerful shot that penetrates through enemies in a straight line.

Skill Information:

On cast Erwin begins charging an attack for as long as the skill key is held down or till the attack is fully charged. He then fires a long ranged line projectile towards the reticle that deals damage to all units hit. The attack may be charged upto 3 levels, increasing the damage dealt by 1.5x-2.25x.

Skill Level Required Level Required SP Damage SA Destruction Maximum Charge SG Cost Cooldown
1 13 1 348% 387% 3 3 25 Seconds
2 18 1 366% 406%
3 23 2 409% 454%
4 28 2 453% 502%
5 33 3 522% 580%

Additional Information:

  • The projectile cannot pass through terrain or walls.


E1-8A.png Defense Penetration [Extension] Attacks done to the enemy ignore enemy's defense.
Extension Information:
Guided shot gains defense penetration based on the extension's level

Skill Level Required Level Required SP Defense Penetration
1 33 1 20%
2 38 1 40%
3 43 2 80%

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