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Electric Shot

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E1-9.png Electric Shot [Active] Convert the guns into a grenade launcher, which fires a powerful grenade that explodes and deal damage to the enemies.

Skill Information:

On cast Erwin fires a projectile that travels in an arc. On impact with terrain it deals damage and SA destruction to all units in a circular AoE centred around the point of impact.

Skill Level Required Level Required SP Damage SA Destruction SG Cost Cooldown
1 17 1 743% 185% 3 20 Seconds
2 22 1 780% 194%
3 27 2 873% 217%
4 32 2 965% 240%
5 37 3 1114% 277%

Additional Information:

  • The skill's animation can be interrupted by using dodge. However, take not that if done too early the projectile will not fire.

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