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Stella Unibell

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Howling Guitar
Name Stella Unibell
FlagJP.png (ステラ・ユニベル)
FlagKR.png (스텔라 유니벨)
Weapon Guitar
Age 14
Height & Weight 148 cm, 39 kg
Voice Actor FlagJP.pngRisa Taneda (種田梨沙)
FlagKR.pngLee Jae-hyun (이재현)
Affiliation Starry Forest League
Where are you going? Lets play together instead!

Howling Guitar


Stella Unibell is a girl who uses sorrow as a medium for her powers. She is oblivious and naive at times; however, the melodies she plays are full of sorrow.

Stella uses a guitar as a weapon. She is a versatile support who harbors some deadly sound-wrenching melodies for both offense and defense by summoning ghosts named Fuu. Besides dealing heavy damage in a concentrated area, Stella can also provide a huge advantage for her allies, increasing their destruction power and survivability.


"It's this child's fault. the Void Incident happened because of her. Give me back my parents!" A woman yelled at the girl named Stella Unibell.

Blamed for the happening of the Void Incident, she was forced to leave the town.

3 months after the Void Incident, the majority of the town has been destroyed. Together with her imaginary friend, "Fuu-chan", they arrive in front of the void.

Believing her disappearance would bring happiness to others, she stood in front of the portal, accepting her fate and allowing the void to devour her.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Best crowd control capability among all characters.
  • Highest SG pool in the game and excellent SG management.
  • Capable to attack with high-power skills relentlessly.
  • Has highest SA break rate.
  • Channelling skills leaves you vulnerable.
  • Aiming her ultimate and her SG recovery method needs practice.
  • Lacks burst potential; her skills have lower damage multipliers compared to other characters.


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