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Lily Bloomerchen

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Mist Scythe
Name Lily Bloomerchen
FlagJP.png (リリー・ブルームメルヘン)
FlagKR.png (릴리 블룸메르헨)
Weapon Scythe
Age 15
Height & Weight 155 cm, 47 kg
Voice Actor FlagJP.pngIbuki Kido (木戸衣吹)
FlagKR.pngPark Seongtae (박성태)
Affiliation Starry Forest League
Good timing. I have no reason to do so , but I will be your opponent!

Mist Scythe


Lily Bloomerchen is a girl who is passionate in demonstrating her powers as a medium. She fought in the void shortly after waking up. She possesses a condescending demeanor.

Wielding a weapon named Mist Scythe, Lily possesses the role of a dangerous character who is able to wreak havoc on enemy forces as she pins them down with terrifying force.


Adopted into a rich family, Lily Bloomerchen enjoys spending time with her brother.

Despite its emergence near the family mansion, she understood little about the Void Incident.

One midnight, she heard strange noises in the mansion and decided to check it out, opening the door leading to her brother's room only to find out that a monster had eaten her brother.

Desperate to save her brother, she wielded a pipe and attacked the monster.

Despite her attempt to save her brother, it was already too late. Realizing her brother was no more, she broke down into tears as her last vestiges of sanity ebbed away, laughing maniacally as the void devoured her.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Has balanced both critical damage and critical rate at highest rate among all characters.
  • Can increase allies' critical rate.
  • High SA Break rate.
  • High burst potential.
  • High SG dependency.
  • HP sustaining skill is highly dependent on critical rate.
  • Poor SG management.


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