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Jin Seipatsu

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Spirit Arms
Name Jin Seipatsu
FlagJP.png (ジン・セイパーツ)
FlagKR.png (진 세이파츠)
Weapon Knuckles
Age 17
Height & Weight 178 cm, 75 kg
Voice Actor FlagJP.pngTomoaki Maeno (前野智昭)
FlagKR.pngKim Hye Sung (김혜성)
Affiliation Starry Forest League
Just you wait , I will definitely save you!

Spirit Arms


Jin Seipatsu is a boy who uses his fervor for justice as a medium for his power. He helps people at his own expense and does not allow evil to prevail at all costs.

Jin Seipatsu uses knuckles as weapons. As an ally of justice, he is able to quickly annihilate enemies with impending speed and power, and can also attract his enemies to attack him, giving his allies the opportunity to concentrate their strike.


It has been 3 months since The Void last appeared.

Jin has volunteered to aid those who wish to seek shelter from The Void Incident by giving them essential supplies. During his time working in a rescue team, he met a mother and her son who, too, were seeking shelter. Jin reassured the worried mother and son by ensuring that the shelter is a safe haven. This, however, was just a facade to cover up his real emotions: that he was just like everyone else.

While he was carrying boxes of supplies shortly after the conversation, he suddenly heard noises and saw beams of purple light that shone behind him . From that moment , everyone knew what it was. It was The Void.

The kid from earlier shouted at him, crying how he lied to his mother and him about the shelter being safe. Jin decides to correct his wrongdoings by telling the kid that he was at fault and he's going to "save" him.

What Jin did after that was beyond the comprehension of his emotions ; he decided to charge into The Void without a second thought , knowing what would happen if one enters the void. He shouted as he charge aimlessly towards The Void before The Void engulfed him whole.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Has highest base HP among all characters.
  • Has taunt and can give nearby allies invulnerability.
  • Has highest AOE among all characters.
  • His non-ultimate nuke skills needs to be charged, leaves you vulnerable.
  • His Burst damage hard to be utilized without bothering other allies' burst damage.


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