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Iris Yuma

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Name Iris Yuma
FlagJP.png (イリス・ユマ)
FlagKR.png (이리스 유마)
Weapon Artillery-Bombardment Hammer
Age 18
Height & Weight 169 cm, 49 kg
Voice Actor FlagJP.pngAi Kakuma(加隈亜衣)
FlagKR.pngPark Sinhee (박신희)
Affiliation Starry Forest League
Hey , hey. It's time to do my job now!



Iris Yuma is a girl who demonstrates different abilities through fury. Angry with this crazy world , the only thing that came back is her voice and empty feeling.

Iris Yuma uses an Artillery-Bombardment Hammer as a weapon. She has control over enemies with her overwhelming fire powers. Aside from her overwhelming firepower, she is capable of getting the job done against massive amounts of enemies by using wide-scaled attacks and crowd control.


"Grace , Elegance , Pristine."

These were what were taught to Iris Yuma ; a girl born into a prestigious family. From the day she was born onto this world , her path has been woven by her parents. They wished that Iris would be like her big sister. However , Iris never listens. She has always been a girl who decides and carves her own destiny.

One day , Iris witnessed a friend who was bullied by one of her classmates. Without any hesitation , Iris punched the classmate in rage in hopes that the classmate would stop bullying her friend.

"I did some justice , didn't I?"...is what she thought. After the fight , She was called into the Guidance Office. Her teacher had also called and informed Iris's parents about the incident. Her mom , in rage , slapped Iris. Her mom shouted at Iris , "We never raised you to become like this! Why can't you be more like your big sister!?".

Filled with rage , Iris ran away from home with her motorbike and thought to herself , "I don't need them!". Shortly after , she heard the evacuation siren, loud and clear about the Void. The moment she heard the siren , she quickly rushed back to her home... only to see nothing but the manor in ruins. She searched and searched , but there was no sight of her family members. She broke down into tears , thinking why all of this had happened to her , what she had done to deserve all this.

With nothing else to lose , Iris ran towards the Void with eyes filled with rage ; ready to destroy whatever is in her path.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Decent AOE attacks.
  • Good SG self-sustain management.
  • Long duration crowd control.
  • Some of her skills gives a long time combo trait interval.
  • Excels at damaging enemies.
  • Lowest base HP in game.
  • No HP self-sustain capability.
  • Slow attack animation.


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