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Haru Estia

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Soulum Sword
Name Haru Estia
FlagJP.png (ハル・エスティア)
FlagKR.png (하루 에스티아)
Weapon Sword
Age 17
Height & Weight 165 cm, 52 kg
Voice Actor FlagJP.pngAi Kayano (茅野愛衣)
FlagKR.pngLee Bo-hee (이보희)
Affiliation Starry Forest League
Mother....Please lend me strength!

Soulum Sword


Haru Estia is a girl who uses the feeling of helplessness from not being able to do anything as her medium. She is a gentle, huge-sword wielding girl who suffers from feelings of obligation and guilt.

Being the only jack-of-all-trades swordswoman in the character roster, Haru is able to attack her enemies relentlessly with great power in a wide area while still keeping her SG full and available for a short time.


From an early age, she has been interested in helping people. She strove toward her dream, passing medical school with brilliance.

When she was a child, her father died in a freak accident, and so her mother raised her alone.

Filled with pride and with emotions running high, she rushed home to her mother, telling her how she had succeeded. Mother and daughter embraced, tears running down their faces.

However, disaster suddenly struck.

Right in front of her, the ceiling of her small house peeled away and blew apart. Her surroundings collapsed around her and a huge vortex with a strange light roared before them.

As she looked for her mother, she beheld an unimaginable sight. A lifeless, unmoving body crushed under the debris, her mother. Screaming, she tried to free her from the rubble.

She was not able to. As if to drown out the sounds of her heartbroken cries, the vortex swallowed her up.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Decent base HP.
  • High burst damage and AOE.
  • Decent SA Break rate and good SG management.
  • Can increase allies' attack power.
  • Easiest character to be played.
  • Does not excel in any single category.
  • No HP self-sustain method.


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