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Erwin Arclight

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Gun Jazz
Name Erwin Arclight
FlagJP.png (アーウィン・アークライト)
FlagKR.png (어윈 아크라이트)
Weapon Dual Pistols
Age 18
Height & Weight 175 cm, 64 kg
Voice Actor FlagJP.pngHiro Shimono (下野紘)
FlagKR.pngPark Seongtae (박성태)
Affiliation Starry forest League
Power full release! Lets have some fun!

Gun Jazz


Erwin Arclight is a boy who demonstrates his ability as a medium with pleasure; he entered the Void with recklessness and does not waste time even in the most dire of situations.

He is a fearless, genius high school student who is capable of transforming his dual handguns into various weapons as he pleases. Erwin is a tactical DPS character, limited only by his imagination who is capable of bombarding enemies from afar, shattering their guard and removing them from existence.


Erwin Arclight is a genius who won an academic award and was well known for creating games that held the number 1 position for as long as 20 weeks. Despite all of that, he was bored of the bland and peaceful world he lived in.

When he heard about one of the Void incidents that had been occurring for months nearby, his interest was piqued. With the intention of finding something fun, he immediately set out to the area to check it out. Arriving at the scene of the Void incident, Erwin fearlessly walked into the void hoping that it would provide him with the fun he sought after.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • High evasion value.
  • Has the longest skill ranges.
  • High burst SA Break.
  • Can buff ally movespeed and SG regen.
  • Normal SG recovery method is combo-based, needs practice and timely execution of skill rotations.
  • No HP self-sustain method.
  • Relatively slow at mobbing.


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